I Hate Webcasts…but I use them!

Everybody seems to be picking up on the trend. Trainers, marketers, sales organizations. Everyone. Even the Tennessee Society of CPAs is offering on-line Webinars, Web Meetings, Webcasts…whatever you want to call them.
I think they’re great…really…I’m sure they save someone a bunch of time. Check out the link below for yourself to be convinced…or not!
Tennessee Society of CPAs – Online CLE and Seminar Catalog
I must say I’m tired of my inbox filling with this or that vendor wanting to show me the “latest features” of their product via the web. Always seems to turn into more of a sales presentation than a learning presentation. When, for example, was the fact that the product has gained market share a new feature? Or the fact that users rated it 4.75 stars out of 5 stars on usability? Or that PC Week Magazine named it “Least Likely Software To Crash and Burn While You’re Trimming Your Toenails?” Who cares?
Show me what I want to know: How will this software help me in my business or life?
If it can help me lose weight or be more likeable, bring it on. Otherwise, I can do without it. I’ve got better things to do than memorize stats on someone else’s software. Like learn the new features…