New Web Site Design

I guess the question of the day is, “Why would anyone want to change their web design?” After all, the old design was pretty decent. I know we spent a ton of money on it (it was one of those things that went about 300% over budget, and we only got about 50% of what we originally bargained for). Why would we pay for something like that? Why didn’t we insist on getting the entire project completed? Answer: we had already waited 6 months longer than the 6 weeks we were promised for the design to be completed, and we had to get the new site up and running.
Enough on that soap box, I guess.
Anyway, the new site design from DGG uses CSS and less graphics. That makes it faster, load quicker, and gives us opportunities to change it rapidly in the future. In addition, it makes it easier to change. So here’s the new design. Hope you like it.
If you don’t like it, I can give you the name of the designer that did the old site. Maybe sometime in this lifetime you can get them to design one for you [name withheld to protect the guilty]!