Ok, How About A Real Entry

Blogging [this IS a blog] is the trend of the day. I started a blog (in fact, two), several years ago, and never made much use of them. I was sporadic in posting, never checked the post backs, and rarely mentioned it. I’m not even sure you could get to it from the DGG Web site.
This blog is a bit different. There’s a lot of material coming out that our clients and associates ask us about, and technologies like RFID, ERP, MRP II, Vista, and Project Green (to name a few) (more later about these) are beginning to or threatening to have a serious impact on even small businesses.
So here’s my opportunity to talk about some of those technologies, and your opportunity to talk back. I hope you’ll talk back, because it’s kinda boring talking to yourself…which is what this is like if you don’t talk back.
Hopefully, you’ll get good information on a number of technologies.
Oh, one more thing. This isn’t edited. It isn’t approved by the marketing or legal folks. Those of you who know me know that I’m a bit irreverent…particularly about the computer industry…after all, I’ve been around since before there was a computer industry…but that’s another story.
It’s good talking to you.