Are You a Beautiful Person?

In the running for the tackiest use of the Internet…and one that almost makes me ashamed to be part of the Internet revolution is the Beautiful People site.
Beautiful People Website
Here’s the concept: If you’re a fashion model, or beautiful enough to be one, you probably want to join a dating service (member organization) that only allows in equally beautiful people. So you’d–of course–apply to be a member of Beautiful People. Wait…excuse me…wave of nausea coming over me…ok, there, it passed.
I saw this in passing on ET or some equally obnoxious television program, and had to check it out….and it’s real. Take a look at the “newest members.” A couple of these were on the show last night. Most of these photos look like glamour shots taken for a modeling portfolio…oh, except for the one gal that has the “red eye” (Produced when a flash from a camera bounces off the back of the retina giving an appearance to the eyes something like you might expect from Devil-spawn.)
The “member” on the TV promptly let us know that, “If you want to meet people, everyone wants to meet people like themselves. Beauty is just like any other thing about you, it’s infused [sic]” Hey, I think she may mean “inherited,” but from what I could see of her lips and other body parts, she may actually mean “infused.”
In a culture where we have teenage girls starving themselves and sticking their fingers down their throats, and boys taking steroids that could damage things they need later in life, the one thing we DON’T need is a site where members get to vote to decide whether new applicants are “beautiful” enough to join.
Think I’d rather have a relationship with someone less infused…