Just In Time For Christmas

Apple has upgraded iTunes and announced (sort of) the iTV box (internal code name, not the product name). iTV, according to media reports, will be a 6 x 6 x 1 inch box with WiFi (wireless network) that connects to the television. The idea is that you can download videos from iTunes (the last episode of the TV series you just missed is $1.99) and play them on the TV…or iTV. Take a look at the press release on iTunes 7.
And the iPod Nano (no hard drive, up to 8Gb of memory or 2000 songs) is newly redesigned. The silver (stainless) is really cool…I just bought one.
And Microsoft has announced the Zune, a sweet little mp3 player with a few features that the iPod doesn’t have…like WiFi built into the player. You can download without connecting it to a PC. Some of the analysts are claiming that it’s 2 years late…since the Apple iPod has about 75% of the market. But for us Gizmodicts…the $299 price tag (estimated) may not be a barrier. It may be an “I’ll buy it…I’ll try it…if I like it, I might use it…purchase.”
Meanwhile, I’m sure the teenagers in your life will be really interested in your Christmas budget. Take a look…
Apple Announces iTunes 7 with Amazing New Features