Ryze Needs an Update…in users

Be forewarned, I’m probably going to make someone mad with this one…but that’s OK. No one ever accused me of lacking an opinion. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago about the latest fad: online networking. In the article, they mentioned two web sites: Ryze (www.ryze.com) and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com). Both of these were to be like mixers…only on-line. You could go to the websites, find people interested in the same things you were, and network.
Well, LinkedIn caters to professionals who want to protect their email from SPAM. So other than allowing the producers of The Bachelor to SPAM their members, the list is pretty protected. Ryze, on the other hand, seems to be inhabited almost exclusively by vocal MLM sales people and “spiritual success” advisors. I spend more time deleting their “flame” wars than sharing useful information.
So look me up on LinkedIn. I’d like to see you there. Until Ryze revises its target audience, I’d stay away…unless you’re selling the latest meditation technique guaranteed to earn me $50Million. In that case, just skip Ryze and email me directly. You know the address. Right?