Should Your Business Have A Blog?

First, I should say that the link below is to Dan Bricklin’s article about Small Business Blogging. If for no other reason than that Dan is the inventor of the program Visicalc (the first electronic spreadsheet, and great-great grandaddy of the current generation of spreadsheets like Microsoft’s Excel), you should spend a second on his website.
Anyway…back to the subject…I’ve been blogging for a while but never really recommended the practice to many clients. That wasn’t because I didn’t think they could get some benefit from it…there are a lot of benefits…it’s mostly because clients in general don’t have time to get information together for their main web sites, let alone a blog. So what’s the deal?
Since you’re reading this, I assume you have some idea of what a blog is. To quote Brickland, “A reverse-chronological list of postings, with a managed archive,” is a blog. To put that in English: A blog is two things (a) a list of short (or not so short) things you write, with the most recent one first, and (b) to keep the list from getting intolerably long, some filing system to handle old items.
The items on a blog are called posts. I don’t know why. You probably don’t want to know anyway.
So why in the world would anyone do a blog? Several reasons:

  • To have an easy way to update a web page. Most blogging software is web-based, and all posting takes is a few seconds plus the time to type the entry
  • To continually change their web site, which results in better search engine coverage. Pages that are updated frequently are given better standing in most search engines like Google and Yahoo.
  • To talk to their clients or customers or allow employees to talk to clients or customers in a real voice, unhendered by the normal censoring process
  • To talk to themselves. Just joking. I hope they have something worth saying
  • To communicate news.
  • To receive feedback from clients and customers. Since most blogging software includes the ability for customers and clients to respond (post comments), the blog can be a good way to have dialog.

I’m sure there are more reasons to blog. One of them is…it’s fun.
More later. Please comment if you have thoughts.
Small Business Blogging

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