Back to Basics: Thinking Out Loud

I entered the business world as a CPA, working for a local Memphis, TN CPA firm. I worked there for 5 years, starting out as a CPA on the general staff doing tax returns, audits, etc. I learned a lot about what I didn’t know–like how to run a 10-key adding machine. Then the firm started giving me work to do for clients that needed computer systems work.
Then five years later, I started Data Guidance Group. We were very clear about what we did: computer technology for business. We offered expertise related to selecting, implementing, and using computer systems in business. And we still do.
As I read this blog–my blog–I realize that some days I need to think a bit more about the average businessperson and how they use technology. For most businesses, technology is a cost center. Not that it should be that way…it just is.
I’ve spent the most of my career trying to help businesses see the applications of technology that would produce the best return on investment for them, and trying to help technologists focus on business, not on the technology.
In working on this blog, I’m well aware that the folk that I could potentially benefit the most (at the top of organizations) may be the last people who will read it. That’s a terrible thing, but it’s more about how I write for the blog than whether they read it. I take the general approach that if I write it, you will come. So give me some feedback…is this stuff useful? What would you like more of?
And so…expect more of a focus on business applications…we may have to slip in an occasional tech piece, but business will be the focus.