Try Not To Modify ERP Software

Jeff Kugler makes a great point in the article below. He says you shouln’t modify ERP software. I agree. Since you can read the article for free after you register, I won’t repeat the entire argument. Since you have to register, I’ll repeat the key points.
Here is the key thread of the argument:

  • ERP software is developed according to best practice standards derived from groups like APICS (manufacturing trade group), and large businesses
  • Other features are added because businesses request them, and are selected based on the number of businesses that request them
  • You spend less money implementing if you don’t modify
  • You implement faster if you don’t modify
  • Therefore, never modify

Problem: Jeff isn’t living in the real world where businesses (and people) are resistant to change. He doesn’t account for the ERP systems that would never be implemented AT ALL if they were not modified because the users would reject them.
Problem: Jeff is about two years late. We’ve been telling clients this in our kick-off meeting for at least that long. Some clients listen. Some do not.
Problem: Sometimes modifying software is a competitive advantage. It increases efficiency, productivity, and throughput.
Solution: Minimize the changes in implementing ERP. Delay as many as possible until you’ve used the software the way it is designed to work for at least 3 months. After that, you’ll be in a better position to decide what you need to modify.
My $0.02.
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