About To Get Him a Tie? Here’s A List of IT toys

Ok, before you think this is my wish list, I’ve had my eye on this little orange tie number for a couple of months. Problem is, I can’t buy it for myself. I was brought up in public accounting and taught the ditty:
Early to bed, early to rise, work like heck and wear a red tie.
I don’t own a blue dress shirt…all of mine are white. All of my suits are dark; I’ve never owned a summer weight suit of tan or olive.
So my problem is…I really like orange ties on other people. I know I’d wear one if someone color savvy picked it out. But everytime I go to buy one for myself, I bomb out.
Too forward thinking…
I don’t have that problem with technology. I’m still running Vista Beta 2 on my home system with the Beta version of Office 2007. Clothing…conservative. Technology…bleeding edge. Politics…I’m not saying…
On the other hand, maybe you should just get me the phaser…here’s the list for your techie friends.
IT Stocking Stuffers