Is SecondLife Virtual Money Real?

As I’ve noted before, converting money from SecondLife Linden dollars to real dollars depends on an exchange where people want to exchange real dollars for virtual dollars. As I read it, for $9.95 per month, you get a signup bonus of 1,000 Linden (virtual) dollars (L$), and a weekly paycheck of L$300. Figuring that out over a year, that’s 7.2 cents ($0.072) per L$ if I did my math right (it includes the L$1000 signing bonus). It also assumes that you pay monthly rather than annually. If you pay annually, L$ are worth even less.
Stats on population are getting a little better, a few over 2,000,000 residents today, and 233,536 visitors in the last 7 days, with about 18,000 logged in as of the moment (just a second ago) I visited the home page.
And right now on the LindeX (where you trade L$ for real $), the going rate is US$1/L$268. Lest you were wondering, that’s 3.73 cents per L$.
Now, I’m not going to interpret that for you…except to say that somewhere someone is paying 7 cents for something I can buy for 3 or 4 cents. Something’s not right about that! Somewhere, there’s 3 cents worth of value for every dollar going down the toilet.
If that sounds like a good deal, you’ll really like the odds on the lottery.
But perhaps I’m being too analytical…it’s about social media, after all.
‘Second Life’ mints a millionaire? | | CNET