New Year…New Plans

For the new year, I’d like to propose several questions that I’ve been thinking about for Data Guidance Group. Most of the issues here may seem to be technology issues, but they really aren’t. They’re business issues. So here are some business questions I’ve been asking myself and our clients over the past few months. What are your answers?

  • What are you doing to communicate better with your customers or clients? Do you have any technology in place to help you?
  • How do you measure how well your business is doing? Do you have regular reports from the computer system? Are you reviewing details, or do the reports give you a management-level view?
  • What about forward looking reports? Most businesses have financial statements, but they are history. What about the future? How are you keeping track of how well you’ll do next month, quarter or year?
  • How are you managing your sales force? What data do you collect? How do you use it?
  • How are you managing the operations of your business? Reports? Summary or detailed?
  • What are your plans to upgrade technology of all kinds in your business? Phone system? Email? Cell phones? Web site? Computers? Software?
  • Are their any pieces of the software you have that you think you could or should use that you are not? Why not? What would you have to do to implement those this year?

Ok, that’s a few. We’ll consider each of these in future posts. Hopefully, you’ll get something out of them.