You Will Update to Vista, Eventually

The real problem here is that I understand how our clients think. And I agree–somewhat. The speech runs something like this:

I bought Windows 2000 just six years ago. It still works good enough for me. Why is Microsoft forcing me to buy a new version? And oh, by the way, my computer isn’t powerful enough to run Vista, so I guess I’ll have to buy another one of those, too.

I wish I didn’t understand the feeling. I have it every five or six years when my car rolls over the 100,000 mark. Just in case you’re curious, I have one vehicle that is moving toward 130,000 miles, and another that’s just over 102,000 miles. I plan to get about 250,000 on both of them…but I guess that’s just the way I am about cars. By the time I’m done, the cars will be 10 years plus old, I hope.
But why do I have to replace my Windows every six years or so? The answer–realistically–is that you don’t. But the issue is that the technology is moving so fast and making so many improvements that if you want any of the benefits of the new advances, you’ve got to upgrade the foundation (Windows). I replace a copier every six or eight years, and it still just makes copies for me. Windows (theoretically) does a lot more.
So as long as you don’t want your software to do anything different, ever, you’re safe with Windows 2000…at least until your hardware breaks…and even then you can probably patch it together for a while.
So about the time I’m ready for a new car, some of our clients will be ready for a new version of Windows.
By that time, I’ll have forgotten everything I know about the their version. Windows 98? Some clients still have it. Problem is, I’ve forgotten all the tricks and so has most everyone else. At the very least, we’re not as good as we were when it was new…say 10 years ago.
So hold off for another year or two if you really want to…or bite the bullet and start thinking of your computer system like your cell phone bill…something you need to invest in on a regular basis.
Now if I can only figure out how to get children to stop eating so many groceries…
Microsoft Turns Up The Heat On Windows 2000 Users – News by InformationWeek