Never Mind AJAX, This is Profound Anyway

Ok, I know Bosworth is talking about Asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX), a programming technology which makes web sites perform more like programs running on the computer than web sites (which can be a bit clunky for applications like accounting and word processing without it). And AJAX deserves (and gets) a lot of press in technical articles.
What I found interesting was this quote:

Bosworth said he has been building software for about 30 years and “not all of it works” all the time. “The reason, on reflection, turned out to largely depend on physics and human psychology,” he said. And “a lot of it had to do with Tom Cruise,” Bosworth said, citing the actor’s line in the movie “Top Gun” where Cruise says, “I feel the need, the need for speed.”

Yep. He’s right. Not all of it works.
For the technical among thee, here’s the link to the article.
Google’s Bosworth: Why AJAX Failed (Then Succeeded)