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I thought email SPAM was bad…until I started blogging. Now I spend a few minutes every day (or several minutes every other day) deleting SPAM from the comments and trackback logs in this blog.
A comment is…well, a comment. Someone posts something about a blog entry I wrote.
A trackback is intended to be a link from someone else’s blog to mine. They occur when someone writes about an entry I made and puts a link into their blog to my blog. Most blogging software then sends a trackback which lets me know that someone out there agrees (or sometimes disagrees) with something I wrote.
A trackback also results in a link from my blog to the other blog that sent the trackback.
One of the reasons SPAMmers do trackbacks has to do with search engines. The more incoming links they can generate, the better their sites come up in search engines like Google.
Another reason is that you might actually click on a link here and wind up at a site selling Viagra or a consciousness-altering drug.
But I delete them…I just hope I don’t miss legitimate trackbacks and comments with all the SPAM.

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