Vista (Again)…

Ok, you’ve figured out that Vista is one of the main things you’ll hear about from IT folk this year. Right?
I’m going to get tired of Vista-bashing articles. I actually like it. I haven’t yet been brave enough to load it on a laptop I bought last year that claims to be “Vista Ready” or some such thing. But Wayne Rash at eWeek is a bit more venturesome. He decided to try it on an old “high end” machine.
Before you read this, keep in mind that I read the specifications for the machine he’s trying Vista on. Most of the readers of this column probably don’t own that machine. Also, Wayne had to buy some more hardware before it worked well, and it took 3 days to get it working. Here’s how his article begins:

Surely, I thought, a dual-Xeon HP xw8000 workstation with a gigabyte of memory and fast hard disks could run nearly anything. Besides, this computer is new enough that it’s still under warranty, so if I really got into trouble, I knew that I could always call HP’s tech support for help.
Turns out, I was wrong about a lot of things, including that. While I did manage to install Vista on the machine, you might want to think twice before trying the same thing in your business. Or your home, for that matter.

You got the patience of Waynev?
Wayne’s Old Computer Gets Vista