Dynamics NAV 5.0: Miscellaneous Notes

I’ve finally had time to load the beta, order the beta license from MS, and get the whole thing going in a virtual PC. One of the things I picked out of the “What’s New” training was the fact that some address fields (customers, vendors, contacts) had been lengthened. It’s in the General Ledger part of that training if you’re trying to find it.
I checked out the Names (which aren’t listed as having been lengthened) and found that they, too, were now 50 characters. That’s a good thing. I modified our first version (think it was 3.1 or something like that), and am still getting an occasional error message when I try to do something. The messages usually have to do with trying to copy a text field of 50 characters (what I made the fields) to a field of 30 characters (the old length). Of course, there is the “where used” tool in the developer toolkit, but it doesn’t find everything.
We also noticed that the NA (North American) beta doesn’t have payroll. Payroll 5.0 from Serenic should be out soon and includes a number of things like a wizard for adding employees. I figure the omission is just because it’s a beta.