FoxPro? Yawn. Took You Long Enough

Microsoft is discoutinuing FoxPro…of course, as diehards will tell you, it won’t happen until 2015, and Microsoft is releasing what eWeek refers to as “core portions of the FoxPro software” to its open source website. Pundits will tell you that FoxPro will continue to live. Like Paradox…and Turbo Pascal…and Clarion developer…
Reality is that eventually FoxPro will die. We’ve been telling clients for several years to watch software based on FoxPro. Things like Sage Pro ERP are already on the winded list…now they’ll go on the milk-the-user-base-until-it-dies-off list.
Sorry. I should be more positive. DON’T hear me saying that you should abandon any software based on FoxPro TODAY. DO hear me saying that I’d be looking for something else in the next few years.
One other thing. In Microsoft lingo, “Extended support” means “really really expensive support that we hope no one but the most desperate will pay for…”
There I go again…
Avoid FoxPro from now on. If you don’t, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Microsoft Puts FoxPro Out to Pasture