Nav 5.0 Installation

NAV 5.0 NA (North American) database is now out…actually, the second release is out. I thought I’d try installing the client and the database. I loaded up a virtual machine copy that I’ve got with Windows XP and a couple of other things (like a SQL client) to serve as the base machine. Here’s what I found in the installation.

  • Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 is required for the install.
  • Looks like the install routine isn’t quite ready for prime time yet. I got boxes for the license agreement for the .NET Framework. I was glad to agree to the boxes. Not sure exactly what I signed off on. It appeared that the document was created with a font I didn’t have.
  • While this was going on, I decided to install Office 2007 on my main machine (the one running the virtual machine).
  • We finally have the new Dynamics “Wave” logo…looks kinda like the opera house in Sydney, Austrailia photographed from the right angle. With the possible exception of the fact that Sydney probably paid less for the opera house than Microsoft did for the logo and the logo has more colors
  • SQL Server Express, the replacement for MSDE, is also (optionally, says the installer) installed for use with Nav 5.0. Rumor has it that 5.1 will require SQL…actually, at this point I’d say it was more than a rumor.
  • The install of Office 2007 bombed out with a nonsense error. Think I had too many things going on at one time for it. No multitasking here…
  • Installation of the C/Side client starts…and gives the standard options for “minimal,” “complete,” and “custom” installation. I choose complete, as usual.
  • Installation complete. 5.0 runs.

Now we’re cookin’ with hot grease…I’ll copy the NA database and our license and let you know later.