Sage ACCPAC 5.4 PJC Ships

I got it in the mail today: Sage ACCPAC 5.4 Project and Job Cost.
Long history behind this product. Long and spotty.
Here goes. ACCPAC Plus (DOS) had a Job Cost product. It was simple. In the mid-80s it was pretty good compared to Peachtree (which was also a leading software product for what has now become the mid-market). The problem was that by the time ACCPAC was ready to move to Windows, it was still pretty much the same as it had been all along. It still didnt’ support retainage very well. Still didn’t have a great interface to Job Cost. And some other missing pieces. Things like Job Power or Timberline shamed it.
So ACCPAC decided (and announced) that there would NEVER be a Job Cost for Windows product. Network MicroSystems out of Austrailia decided this was an opportunity, and wrote the Job Cost for Windows package. It was basically a copy of the DOS package, and worked well for clients that liked the DOS product. (The web address for Network MicroSystems was, but all I get when I go there is a “Fedora Core Test Page” for Apache Server). So I guess they aren’t around any more.
About 5 or 6 years ago, ACCPAC announced that they had changed their mind. They WOULD in fact be making a Job Cost product. And so they released it. No retainage in the first version. Lacking a number of features and a bit clunky in the second. The third major revision is now out.
I’m looking forward to digging in. Hope they fixed all of my pet peeves.