Animated Cursors (ANI) Have Serious Security Defect

Microsoft released the patch that’s being called the ANI patch (ANI stands for animated cursor). Animated cursors are like the cute little hourglass that spins when you’re waiting for something to download.
Apparently, it affected all of the Microsoft operating systems, and at a deep level. Take a look at Mike Reavy’s post regarding the investigation that resulted in the patch released on Tuesday.
You should realize that this issue isn’t just related to Internet Explorer. It affects other things running on the Microsoft operating system. FireFox, for example is evidently still vulnerable according to an article in eWeek.
And–apparently–there’s still potential fallout of the issue. Bottom line: this is serious enough and widespread enough that you need to do the Windows Update. If you need help, post a comment and I’ll post a link to instructions.
Microsoft Watch – Security – ANI Patch: The Day After