Dynamics Nav 5.0 Ships…well, sort of

Microsoft released Dynamics NAV 5.0 right on schedule on 3/31/07. It’s now available for Partner Download, but most installations won’t be upgrading anytime soon.
The current timetable shows the release version available for download now, the final CD shipping on 4/13, and the upgrade toolkit (required for upgrading any existing installations) within a month. I took a look on the upgrade toolkit site, and 2.00 for 4.0 SP3 is the last version showing on the list of downloadable toolkits at this point.
Some nice new features. We will convert our own database first, then begin scheduling client upgrades. My guess is that it will be the first of May to mid-May before the first upgrades to 5.0 are feasible. New installations will get 5.0 immediately.