NAV 5.0 Irritations Removed

I’ve been reading the list of the NAV 5.0 improvements. There are a few things that I’d noticed, but didn’t know exactly why they were this way. Actually, I thought I might just be seeing things (or a bit touched in the head as some around the South used to say). Here is the list of interesting things for today:S_R_Setup.jpg

  • Zip code lookup now populates City AND State. Used to be that you entered the Zip code, and the city was populated…only the city. Couldn’t figure that one out. Why? Guess what? It wasn’t me. Now it populates both
  • New check layouts. In previous versions, check below stubs was it for check format. Forget the 7 inch dot matrix forms. Now there are reports for the two stub checks (stub, stub, check AND stub, check, stub) as well as a long stub followed by a check. Brilliant!
  • Logos on sales documents. This one was really a puzzler. Right there on the sales and receivables setup screen (see image) was an item asking where you wanted to put the logo that you could import into the Company Master. But it didn’t appear where you said you wanted it. Guess what? Wasn’t on the reports. Now is. Good thinking!

Most of the other stuff deserves its own post.