GPLv3: Linux Creator Torvalds Balks

I’ve written before about GPL v3. It seems that the list of folks that are opposed to this release of GPL now includes Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux. The critical provisions to Torvalds seem like the ones that are bothering everyone. Here’s the quote from an InformationWeek article:

Key changes from GPLv2 include a ban on deals under which open source distributors agree to patent protection arrangements with commercial software developers. GPLv3 also adds a prohibition on including open source software in consumer appliances that don’t allow user modifications.
The Free Software Foundation says such arrangements and features violate the spirit of open source software, which is meant to be used and shared freely. The two provisions are squarely aimed at Microsoft and digital video recorder manufacturer Tivo.

Linux Creator Torvalds Questions New Open Source License