Porn In Legit Sites

One of the first articles I wrote for the Memphis Business Journal was about protecting kids from porn. In the current print issue of InformationWeek (which I just read), there’s an article about a substitute teacher that has been convicted of risk of injury to a minor.
She claims, of course, that the porn just appeared. She did nothing wrong.
And if you’ve ever used a computer that’s been infected with a virus or spamware, you believe her. Your computer takes on a life of its own. Windows appear and disappear.
The bigger issue here (article below) is that the market for spamming blogs (like this one) must be pretty good. I spend a few minutes every day clearing the link-backs and comments from people who want to sell drugs that make me feel good or enhance body parts I don’t have (and a few that I do have), or make me more attractive to potential mates (I’ve been married happily 19 years), or take me to porn sites that have a variety of offered wares from teenagers to transgender folk to men and women of various ages.
And if I miss one of these comments (I rarely let anything pass until I’ve reviewed it thoroughly), you might find a link to something you don’t want to see.
Watch what you click, and take a look at the InformationWeek article below.
Experts Warn Links To Child Porn Hidden In Legit Web Sites — Security — InformationWeek