Vista SP1

At one time, when a new version of a product came out–whoever the manufacturer: Microsoft, Sage, etc.–we waited from 90 to 180 days to see what patches, service packs, upgrades, etc. would be released. Inevitably, there would be changes. Today, it’s not so easy to do that. Products release major updates or fixes that have features needed or fixes required. Many businesses have been delaying the implementation of Vista for just this reason. Now it looks like it will be late this year or next before we see SP1 for Vista.

The search changes would allow users to select a default search provider and offer new links to the default provider.
Certainly, Microsoft and its customers would benefit from the search changes coming before there are massive Vista deployments. But the changes would be a reason for some businesses to further delay Vista deployments.
Julie Giera, a Forrester Research vice president, said that she believes many businesses would further delay deployments because of the search changes.

Microsoft Watch – Vista – Uh-Oh! No Vista SP1 This Year?