iPhone for Business? Not Yet

As I mentioned earlier in the year, the iPhone is not necessarily for business (yet, or perhaps even soon). Apple is focused on individuals using the iPhone as a replacement iPod, Phone, internet browser, etc. It has WiFi access, which is cool if you spend a lot of time in Starbucks or have a corporate WiFi network that you need to access when you’re not at your desk where your laptop or desktop is.
I’m big on portable devices. I get lots of good business benefits from my Treo 650 (!), but I’m not ready to drop $500 per employee on a cool phone from Apple, iPod, pictures, etc. or not. Take a look at the blog post below. You’ll see that there’s a bit lacking in the iPhone for business. So I’d keep away from it for now.
Gartner: Keep The iPhone Out Of The Corporate Enterprise — iPhone — InformationWeek