Microsoft Works–A product that makes me ask “Why?”

We sold Works for a while, to several customers. I hope that surprises you, because Works was always just a program for folks that really didn’t need a spreadsheet or word processor to say they had one.
The reason DGG got involved with Works was that there was a temporary loophole in which Microsoft Office sold for $500, Works sold for $50, and the upgrade from Works to Office was $200. So for $250 you could have a fully functional version of Office (legal, too), rather than $500.
Microsoft eventually figured it out. Smart folks, those at Microsoft.
Seems Microsoft is still trying to sell Works for about $50. But if you’re like me, you’ll go with’s version of a word processor and spreadsheet. That product is FREE.
One of the eWeek editors was on a rant today when Microsoft announced that they are now going to give Works away for free in some foreign countries. The software will be ad-supported (Ah, more popups!). eWeek wrote:

With all these interesting apps available, my assumption was that Microsoft would take the hint and allow Works to slowly fade away, to be dug up by curious 6-year-olds who wanted to check out what was on Grandpa’s computer or by sociologists studying the phenomenon of dumbed-down software. But I was underestimating Microsoft’s tendency to try to keep its properties in the public consciousness.

If you’d like to read the full version of Barbara Kransoff’s blog entry, it’s here.
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