ERP “Mess”

I just saw this blog post. Don’t know how I missed it. I’ve been fussing for years about the companies that implement (or don’t implement) ERP. The issue that’s raised here is important: ERP systems in some installations fail, and fail miserably. In others, they produce productivity increases. The initial difference in many cases is the implementation methodology, but also the willingness of the business to absorb the change in business processes required to get the most benefit from the software.
The blog post points out that IT expenditure is going up. That ERP system go-live seems to be linked to improvements in operational measures (e.g. turnover, employee productivity, etc.), but not to increased corporate income or better financial results.
I think this results from the fact that ERP systems are generally designed to ennable more work and more accurate work with the same employees. Take a look at the full article below.
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