Sage Software: Where to from here?

Every email I’ve gotten from or about Sage recently, I’ve been looking for a major announcement of some kind. The announcement earlier in the year that the company had pushed the management groups for all the mid-market software products (Sage BusinessWorks, BusinessVision, ACCPAC, MAS90/200/500, Platinum, Pro Series, etc.) into one business unit was what I thought to be the beginning of the end for some of the products. This move looks to me like a profitability enhancing move. Which products will survive and which won’t? Interestingly enough, Sage has also tightened the rules for business partners. It’ll cost a bit more (travel, education, training) to be a business partner. Also, they established minimum sales in terms of dollars and units TO REMAIN A PARTNER. Traditionally, they’ve had other programs into which partners that were servicing the products but not selling them could move. Looks to me like these are being discouraged, and Sage is interested in retaining only the partners that are producing big sales and new sales.
I still think that if you’re in one of the primary lines (MAS or ACCPAC), you’re pretty safe. I’d be cautious with the other mid-market products from Sage. Also, there’s a rumor that Sage is on the auction block again.
All of this interesting, don’t you think?
Sage Software Cleans House