I just know I Shouldn’t Post This

Since my wife and I spent a lot of time looking for a Guitar Hero III for the Wii, I understand the effort this dad went to. I didn’t know that I could get $9K for it on eBay. If I had, I’d have sold my son’s, but not for the same reason. You’ll have to read the article to find the real reason dad sold Guitar Hero…Dad sells son’s 90-dollar video game online for more than 9000 – Yahoo! News

Eliminating Outlook Interruptions

Most businesspeople struggle with time management. It’s a common problem. Books have been written about scheduling your day and eliminating email interruptions. One of the biggest interruptions is the Outlook Email Notification. It’s the little popup you get letting you know that you have yet another email message.
Here’s a video we recorded about how to turn it off. Let us know how you like it and if you used it.

America’s Dumbest (Tech) Criminals

This has nothing to do with the general topic of the blog, but it’s funny. You may have seen those “America’s Dumbest Criminal” shows. How about this one? Steal a printer, then call the manufacturer for drivers to make it work.
What a laugh!!
After Theft, Tech Support Call Lands Man in Jail – CIO.com – Business Technology Leadership

Vista Anyone?

Amid the spin about the number of shipped copies of this and the successful launch of that, it’s hard to tell whether anyone is really running Vista. There are software compatibilty issues and rumors. Some are true, some are not.
I’ve heard reports that various products don’t run on Vista. I’ve been able to find (at this point) upgrades for all the products I use for Vista. And I’m typing this on a laptop with Vista now.
What concerns me more is the chatter I hear in various places among tech types about Vista. Most is negative. The hosts on TWiT (This Week in Tech) have been uniformly critical of Vista. Most people believe that if Apple hadn’t bungled the Leopard release, Microsoft might have been in trouble.
All of that written, I think Vista is quite different. Like Office 2007, there are things I really like. And there are things that I’m having trouble finding. It takes me longer to dig into the innards when I need to. Just like it took me longer to dig into the innards of Windows 3.1 when I migrated from DOS to Windows years ago. In my mind, it’s all about change.
I like the fact that Vista asks me if I really meant to launch a program. I don’t mind being asked, “Do you really want to do this??” I learned years ago in accounting packages that while this type of question is irritating, once in a while it saves a tremendous amount of time. Hitting the delete key when you don’t mean to can cost a lot of time; having to answer “Yes” occasionaly vs. retyping hours and hours worth of data is a good investment. Even though 90% of the time the “Yes” is just an irritant.
There are other good things about Vista. I’ll think of them later.
Microsoft Says Vista SP1 Won’t Resolve Compatibility Issues — Windows Vista SP1 — InformationWeek

Is this a trend?

I’m not sure whether this is something particular to the computer store industry or whether I should see this as a trend in all industries. Will storefronts close as business goes to the internet? I don’t think the CompUSA closing is about this. I think it’s about a store that failed to compete within its market. BestBuy and Circuit City simply outflanked it. And the attempt to move into services outsourcing seems to have been unprofiable as well. That business segment is for sale also.
CompUSA to Close All 103 Stores