Sage Insights Conference in Washington, DC

It seems that all software vendors have an annual conference. Sage’s Insights conference focuses on the Sage ACCPAC ERP product line. Sage ACCPAC ERP is–well, obviously–an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software product. I’m increasingly reading various information that seems to imply that Sage partners are having trouble adding new customers at the rate they have in the past. His March 7 issue included the comment (talking about a new bundle that Sage had announced), “Given that, about two weeks ago, one reseller said new Sage sales are had to come by, this is worth a shot.” Check out Bob Scott over at the Consulting Insights newsletter for his take on the issue.
Anyway, all that is to say that I’ve got my reservation for Insights and we’ll see what’s new at the conference. Looks like Bob Scott may even be there (along with the bevy of motivational speakers). It’s May 12-15. I’ll let you know what (if anything) looks new.