Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) 5 Service Pack 1

Well, Service Pack 1 is out…or is it. We’ve recently discovered that the NA localization isn’t fully complete, and that there are several features that don’t work that will be fixed.
For example, in the out of the box 5.0 release, POs don’t work with Jobs. If you show the column for Job number in the details on the PO form (it’s still there), enter a PO, and then receive (first) and invoice (second) the PO, you’ll find that the cost has been posted to Usage twice in Jobs.
This will (reportedly) be fixed in SP 1, but that fix isn’t out yet.
For now, be aware that if you have Jobs in Nav 4 with POs directed to them and you are using Receive separate from ship, you won’t have this option in NAV 5. In fact, out of the box, you won’t be able to enter a job number on a PO at all. Microsoft recommends receiving the item to inventory and then applying it in a job journal to a job (2 steps == stinky solution).
What does work is to go directly to the Purchase Invoices screen and enter it there (thus removing the opportunity to do a “receive.”)
This is all related to the fact that costs posted to jobs in 4.x were at “expected” cost (i.e. basically at average cost or standard cost [if you were using standard]). When you ran Adjust Cost/Item entries, the FINANCIAL entries were made (e.g. DR inventory, CR COGS), but the JOB entries stayed the same. I did some testing and found out that the tracks were there to create a report that included the final adjustments, but it’s pretty complicated.
Anyway, that’s the situation. We’re still waiting for a final Service Pack 1 upgrade.