Dynamics NAV 2009 and SharePoint

This week is Directions 2008, a conference put on by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV channel. Actually, a group of volunteers from a dozen or so Microsoft partners collect the money and host the event, which is limited to Microsoft NAV Partners only.
First thing this morning, we took a look at the integration between MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services), InfoPath (a form design language), and NAV. The general plan was this: A user without a full NAV license, and without the permission to add a customer into NAV needed to request that a customer be created (think outside sales force). The user fills in an InfoPath form published on a MOSS server (which means that the user doesn’t need any software other than a browser). The MOSS server is set up to go through an approval process (using SharePoint Workflow), and when approved, the customer winds up in NAV. Very sharp!
This also allows for workflow on the SharePoint site, which might be very helpful in an organization of any size.
Of course, I can think of a lot of ways to use this kind of functionality:

  • Payroll benefits
  • Vacation requests and records
  • inventory items
  • prospect credit approval (converting to customer)
  • vendor approval

And since the processing in NAV was done by dumping the data into a temporary table, then reading the table with a codeunit (if you’re not a NAV techie, read it this way: “Since the processing of the data collected was done INSIDE NAV”), the possibilities are literally endless for poking data into NAV where it needs to go.
Also, since MOSS licenses are MUCH cheaper than NAV client licenses, this is a potential cost saving measure as well.
More from Directions 2008 soon…