Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

The preview of Dynamics NAV 2009 we can show to the public is finally out. The version I’ve been testing to now has been the Partner Technical Preview. It had a few features that I wasn’t able to make work, so I’m interested to see if the new version resolves those problems.
I’ve been looking for the installation version (what we have so far is a Virtual PC with the software preinstalled). The installation for NAV 2009 is supposed to be a thing of beauty.
For those worried about changes, let me reiterate: there are no new features since 5.0 Service Pack 1, and the new interface (role based) is optional…but I think ultimately that many people will choose the role based interface over the classic client.
As soon as we’ve unwrapped the Virtual PC, I plan to post a few screen shots, some commentary, and a few comparisons to the classic client.
Also, it’ll soon be time to think about re-recording our video training. I probably need to post a quick entry later in the week to describe what we’re doing with the new training.