New Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Role Center

Click on the link below to see a screen shot of the NAV 2009 Role Center.
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This new interface sits inside a browser-like container. It’s not quite a browser, but it has a lot of similar characteristics. For example, the back and forward buttons you see.
The idea of the role center is that the user interface that an Order Processor needs (the one in the screen shot is for this role) is different from the UI that a Warehouse Operator needs. One of the things that this interface does quite well is put operating information (like the number of released orders, partially shipped orders, and delayed orders) immediately in front of the operator.
This information has always been available (filter the Order screen, or print an order status report), but the grouping of the information as show on the Role Center makes it much more accessible. AND….clicking on the icon opens a list of the orders in that particular status. Nice touch!
All of this can be customized, and the underlying technology is not rocket science for an experienced programmer. Best of all, these are created in the traditional Dynamics NAV development tool (C/SIDE), so changing and updating the screens is pretty straightforward.
Interestingly enough, this interface is also user-customizeable. Note, for example, that the current settings have status information at the top and a summary of outlook at the bottom. This can be changed. In fact, parts can be removed or added. By clicking the customization button in the upper right hand corner (see below), and selecting the appropriate menu item, you get a customization interface.
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The customization interface looks like the screen shot below.
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If you think this looks something like SharePoint, you’re right. I suspect that eventually this will migrate into SharePoint web parts. They look suspiciously similar as they are. And that’s not a bad thing!