Open Source ERP

Over the weekend, a friend of mine that teaches CPAs about technology, Brian Tankersley, emailed me about open source ERP. I’ve written about it, but not for a while. Thought I might post why.
I got down to two products. I got both of them installed (names removed to protect the guilty). Got them to work on both Windows and Linux; actually got them to work on several distributions of Linux.
Then I bought the manual for a few bucks because the UI wasn’t really intuitive. By that I mean that I couldn’t figure out from the online help and the sample data how to add a customer and an item and invoice the item to the customer. After I got the book, I got an invoice to come out. Then I started searching for a report that would show the debits and the credits (accountant stuff) that had been generated.
Then I looked some more.
And I read the book (see, Honey, I really do read the instructions!).
And I read the book some more.
And I printed some more reports.
I looked for all the good names I’d found for 25 years: transaction, transaction details, etc.
And then I gave up.
That was about 10 months ago.
Never found those transactions.