Peachtree vs. Quickbooks

Here’s an interesting blog post comparing Peachtree to QuickBooks a friend of mine, Brian Tankersley, recently Tweeted about.
I don’t disagree with anything David Chermak wrote. The problem is that the article is from the perspective of an accountant, not a businessperson. Some of the other items are just “par for the course” in any stable accounting package.
The items listed for comparison are interesting: prepayments, payroll accounting, depreciation, tax minimization and compliance, and useful, sensible reporting. My trouble with this list is that it doesn’t address the key issues that businesses generally start to look for software to solve.
Here is a list of some things that small and mid-sized businesses need: cost control, costing (of jobs or manufacturing), inventory, order tracking, shipping, purchase controls, quotes, payroll checks, lot and serial number tracking, service billing, and recurring invoicing. The blog post below seems to focus more on what Accountants need from software than what businesses need from software. Accounting records should be the byproduct of a system that makes a business money by collecting and reporting the data the business needs.
QuickBooks Vs. Peachtree ォ Abacus

3 thoughts on “Peachtree vs. Quickbooks

  1. A few months ago, I signed up with Comcast for internet and immediately, it pretty much wiped out my Quickbooks program. Unfortunately, I do not have the disk to reinstall Quickbooks onto my computer, so a lot of important information has been lost. Then, a few days ago, we had Comcast installed at my work, and immediately, we started having problems with our Peachtree program. We can still get to it through our remote log in, but it has caused a lot of hassles and it is not as efficient. In both instances, when I try to log on to either program, it is basically telling me that the path to that program has been broken; I think. :/
    Is this just coincidence or is this a common thing with Comcast and these types of programs?

  2. That’s an interesting problem. I’ve never heard of signing up for a different internet carrier causing a problem. The fact that it’s telling you that the program path is not available leads me to suspect that the changes in your network (I assume from what you say that you have a network) may have caused your drive mappings or paths to change. If that’s the case, the fix should be pretty easy.

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