xTuple Quick Look

A post or so ago, I was talking about OpenSource ERP. Someone posted a comment that suggested I look at xTuple. So here’s the look.
First of all, xTuple isn’t GPL, it’s CPAL. In fact, two editions of xTuple are proprietary license. Qualification: I am not and do not wish to be a lawyer. (No, I didn’t read the fine print, I don’t have time to read the fine print.) If you want a quick and dirty overview of CPAL, here’s one. CPAL is a mod of the MPL license used by Mozilla for Firefox, though. IT IS NOT GPL compatible.
Second, if you need multiple warehouses, manufacturing, stock transfers between warehouses, serial or lot numbers, manufacturing (MRP) or a host of other things, you’ll have to pay to get them. The pricing includes a couple of options: annual licensing (you pay every year per user to use the product), and a perpetual licensing with upgrades (like what all the top 10 packages have). The pricing for the perpetual license and the support is actually higher than what you woul pay for equivalent functionality with some of the more popular solutions.
Third, the CPAL edition includes only basic, one location inventory, order entry, some work orders, and some CRM. BOMs and kits are available.You can have multiple locations in the warehouse, but there is no detailed documentation to indicate whether this is what is usually called bins with put and pick functionality or if it’s something much simpler.
I got to this point in the review and clicked on several links on the site to review detailed specs on the product versions of xTuple. I’ve been waiting long enough to have saved this post and gone to get breakfast (in the next room).
Sorry xTuple or OpenMFG (which was the previous name), I can’t wait any longer. Might get back to you in a couple of days when the site works better.