Make A Deposit From Your Cell Phone

I was reading an issue of What’s Working in Credit and Collection Management . It’s one of those red and black newsletters that they send you and then try to get you to pay $300 a year for the info. Actually, pretty good. I pay for the Marketing newsletter and get a trial of about 3-4 others a year….
Anyway, I noticed an article about depositing checks from your mobile phone. The article was linked to a USAA (bank) product that works with the iPhone. So I decided to google the concept of “depositing a check with a cell phone.” Seems that the center of the technology is a product from Mitek systems. Also looks like not just the iPhone, but Blackberry and several others might be able to use this.
The reviews seemed concerned about having to do it over and over because the quality of the closeup picture from the iPhone, etc. is not that great. But it’s a great concept. Links are below if you’re interested. – USAA product to deposit checks from an iPhone. – NCR’s version of the phone deposit technology. – Mitek Systems seems to be the company with the main technology at the center of the phone deposit news.