Fear of Bad Ideas / Posted Link

I like Seth Godin. I devoured his early books, and applied his concepts. This post is not about Seth Godin, even though the link below is a link to Seth’s blog.
This entry is about the practice of posting “shortened” links to Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
I regularly read these posts. In fact, I’ve learned something from many of them. It’s a good way to see what others I respect value in the news.
Some of my “friends” and some people I “follow” seem more intent on making sure I see their post every day, so they post links to articles by other people. It’s a game, see. Will he click or won’t he? Will he waste his time on a generic link, or won’t he?
Here’s my advice: if you’re going to post a link, make it relevant to what you do. Don’t post a link to Seth Godin if you’re in the Social Media marketing business, or the SEO business UNLESS Seth says something relevant to that business.
Better yet, post some (brief, well written, words-spelled-correctly) comment that tells me why the Seth Godin post is important. Anything else doesn’t tell me anything about your expertise at all. It mostly tells me that you read a few websites and blogs. I do too!
By the way, here’s a post from Godin that is along the lines, “The only people who do not fail are those who do nothing.” Seth writes more, but that’s the essential essence. Read it if you want to. It has nothing to do with my business, which is defined by a simple question, “When was the last time your computer software company gave you a suggestion that improved your business?”
Seth’s Blog: Fear of bad ideas