Rest in Peace S. Herbert Rhea

My uncle John S. Palmer (deceased) introduced me to Mr. Rhea when I was still a Junior in college. He told Herbert that I was a computer guy. We met at Uncle John’s house, in his home office. Herbert sat in one side chair, I in the other. He looked at me for a minute.
“What’s the best kind of computer?” Mr. Rhea asked.
I was scared to death. In those days, there were Apple computers (Mac came out later), IBM PCs, System/34/36, UniSys, etc. I had heard that people got pretty testy about the brand of computer you liked. So I sat there and thought for a minute.
“That depends,” I said, “on what you are trying to do.”
Mr. Rhea looked at me. I would say he raised an eyebrow, but I’m no longer sure.
“That,” he said–obviously referring to my answer, “That is the only right answer.”
I went to work for Rhea & Ivy. Herbert Rhea and Jack Ivy were long gone by then, but the firm was still one of the most reputable in Memphis.
After five years, I moved along; Rhea & Ivy is no more. Many of the people I knew and respected are no longer there. But the legacy lives on.
Go to your rest, Herbert Rhea. Memphis is impoverished by your passing.