How Do Companies Benefit from ERP?

We’ve been analyzing the past five years of projects, asking some probing questions about why clients invest in ERP systems. We’ve located three primary benefits our clients have gotten.
Here’s the first: Making more time for sales.
I’m not sure I would have named this one on my own, but once I looked at several of our projects, I realized that this was what the clients were doing. I’d feel like I missed something, but I don’t recall the client (except in a couple of situations where it came up as part of a ROI analysis) mentioning it either.
Here’s what I have realized: When there is a problem with processes or systems, sales people fix it with labor.
I’ve talked with salespeople about orders they took which didn’t ship because inventory was wrong (inventory said 10, there were only 5 on the shelf). They go into the “back” and count after that happens a couple of times.
Or orders that don’t ship because shipping missed the picking slip on the counter, in the inbox, or on the computer. Sales walks the order through the process after that.
So one of the major benefits clients got from their ERP implementation was fixing the problems that were leaching huge amounts of time from their sales force.
Seems like I should be telling companies about this!