How Mortising Locks is Like IT

When I was a teenager, I worked for a property management company. Horace was my boss, and he did most of the tough work. This day, Horace was mortising a lock into a door.
Horace had this old butcher knife that he’d taken a file and a sharpening stone to. It looked kind of like the witches’ nose in a Shakespeare play. About 3 hours after Horace started the job, he had the lock mortised into the door. It looked OK, and it did work.
About three weeks later, I worked with another guy at the real estate company. He was mortising a lock, too. Before we went to the job, he stopped by the hardware store and bought some little gadget to go on his drill. About 30 minutes after he started, he had the lock mortised into the door. His job was much cleaner; it looked better; it took him only 20% of the time.
It really hurts me to see people doing IT tasks with butcher knife tools because they don’t know about the gadgets that exist to make the job easier, faster, and better.
Helping clients figure out what gadgets they need is what Data Guidance Group does.