Checking the Version of Office 2007 and 2010–ARGHH!!

As if I needed things to get harder, not easier, Microsoft evidently decided to make checking the version of Office (including service packs) more difficult. I needed to check the version for a client, and decided to look at my system quickly. Help / About, right? Wrong!! Not so!
Now it turns out that you have to go to Control Panel (the link below tells you to run appwiz.cpl–same place, more typing, more techie looking), then to Add/Remove Programs. Finally, on XP, you check the show updates box. On Windows Vista, 7, etc., you have to mess with the views (see the link to the MS Knowledgebase if you really want to know). Then there’s something about Alt-V to view versions…as I said earlier, Arghhhh!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Method 2 is even better: Look at the version on the executable file (once you find it in the maze that is now Program Files, Program Files (x86), etc.). There is a table that gives you the version numbers for Office 2007, SP1, and SP2. Thank you for that, Microsoft!
Changes in programs like this are like the classic Lucy and Charlie Brown cartoon where she snatches the football just before he kicks it, landing Charlie squarely on his back.
Looking up from the ground, I repeat, “Microsoft is my friend. Microsoft is my friend. Microsoft is my…”
Here’s the link: