Let’s Not Get Too Complicated with IT Strategy

I’ve been talking to several friends lately about business books. In the 80s came In Search of Excellence. The companies must not have been too excellent, because several of them landed on the dirty laundry pile in the next ten years.
In the 1990s, Reengineering the Corporation and Competitive Advantage were published. In 2000 and following we had such classics as Who Moved My Cheese?, The Cluetrain Manifesto and Purple Cow.
In the last couple of years, books with clever one word names like Drive, Linchpin and Rework have been published. I’ve read Blue Ocean Strategy along with what seems like a raging sea of other people.
If you took all of these strategies, techniques, and opinions and mixed them together, you’d have the school lunch tray in 6th. As the teachers said, “You’re going to have to eat that!” And as we said, “Ooooooh! Yuck!”
But none of these are bad. In fact, I think all of them work for someone. The key is not to make it too complicated. The answer at the end of the day is to know something, have a plan, and think. Most of the companies that blindly follow the latest guru eventually wind up in an alley or a ditch! Let’s keep it simple with IT strategy. Pick a technique and follow it until you find out that it isn’t working or find something better.