Rule # 6 – Redesign Process to Get More From Software

I was reviewing some CRM software today. I started to put the name in this post, but that would cloud the issue. What I’m thinking about applies to any CRM software. In reality, it applies to all software, but that’s a different issue.
Here’s what I see in the software: it has tremendous capability to automate the process of dealing with prospects and the sales cycle. In fact, I’m not at all sure that it isn’t TOO powerful for most businesses. But it needs a sales cycle to make it work. Someone has to think out the process by which leads are qualified, converted to prospects, discovery done, quotations prepared, and deals closed. The software can then drive just about any combination of communications from email to letters to internal notifications that you would want to send.
It can do it all automatically.
But it can’t think like a salesperson. Emphasis on the PERSON!
Someone has to decide what the software needs to do before the company will get any benefit.