Rule # 7: Review Your Progress After a Year

When businesses implement new ERP software to replace old products, they may (if they’re wise) spend a long time studying software to select the right product. Needs Analysis, Demos, Vendor Interviews, etc., all form a part of the process of selecting and implementing software. Everything in a good software selection project proceeds right on time in a very organized way. Training is done. Employees practice with the system. Errors in setup are corrected. Everything looks peachy.
Then comes go-live. All of a sudden, employees who had become efficient doing their jobs the OLD way have to do their jobs a NEW way. IT employees that have been supporting one system, and had learned the tricks and tips to put things back in order have to begin again. In short, everyone is back at square one. For the first 6 to 12 months, most companies are trying to do with the new system what they did with the old system. By the time they get back to the place they were with the old system, many of the reasons they replaced it have been forgotten.
This is the time to review the system and the way employees have been using it again. This is the time you can get great increases in productivity and return on the investment. Once employees understand the basic operation of the system, refinements that were planned in the initial stages can actually be implemented.
Don’t miss the opportunity to add return on investment by reviewing your initial goals against your current progress.