Social Media and Twitter

Everywhere I go lately, someone is giving a presentation on social media, touting the benefits of it and the long-range promise. Few businesses I know report tremendous results from their social media. There are vignettes of businesses that have tremendous success, but there are also vignettes of people who won the lottery or gave $1,000 to a TV evangelist and became millionaires. I suspect in all of these cases that there may be some benefit, but that the probability of success is a little lower than the vignette implies.
Having said that, I ran a bit of analysis on our website. A year ago, we were doing almost nothing with Twitter and social media. Today we’ve revised the site and are moving quickly toward a social media presence in several venues. So here are some hard data items (I excluded visits identified as search engines):

Item 2/14/2010 to 2/20/2010 2/14/2011 to 2/20/2011
Number of visits 1247 2730
Unique Visitors 348 1267
Visited More than Once 251 391
Average visits per visitor 3.14 2.08