Do You Know Our Software?

If You Don’t Know Our ERP Software, How Can You Help?

This is perhaps the most common question I am asked by companies thinking about letting DGG take a look at their systems. The second question is “How can you teach me anything about our business?” I’ll deal with #2 in a later entry.

Knowing What Accounting Software Can Do Is Most Important

Inventory has some common characteristics. Businesses stock it in bins, shelves, tanks, etc. Checking%20Spreadsheet.jpg
They usually number these in some systematic way. Some inventory expires. Some has lot numbers or serial numbers. Some items have warranties. Inventory items usually have some common demographic features like item numbers, descriptions, min and max quantities, sales history, price, cost, quantity, etc.
Most systems that deal with inventory deal with these things. If you know one system, you can’t say that you “know them all,” but you have an excellent starting point. A learning theorist named Piaget said that we have “hooks” or “categories” that help us learn. Once these categories are formed, learning is easy. Until they are formed, learning proceeds slowly.

The More Languages You Know, the Easier Software Becomes

Some business people are surprised when I tell them that I’ve developed computer software in about two dozen different languages over the last 25 years. It could be more. But once you know one language, adding an additional language is pretty easy. It’s the same with ERP and accounting software.

A Systems Example

A couple of days ago, I visited with a client that had been trying to make a Windows 7 workstation work with their accounting software for over a year. I knew a little bit–but not much more than that–about the software. According to the company, the vendor had spent HOURS dialed into the system trying to fix the problem. In about 15 minutes I had them up and running.
I didn’t need to know the software to solve the problem. I needed to know how software worked!

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